Wednesday, January 6, 2010


chem quiz !! study up.
I've put up helpful review powerpoints on my slideshare acct.

here's an old practice quiz.

SHOW ALL WORK !! (use unit analysis)

When sodium reacts with water it forms sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.

2Na + 2 H2O YIELDS 2NaOH + H2

1. If you want to react 12 atoms of Na it will require _____ molecules of water and it will make _______ FU’s NaOH and _______ molecules of H2

2. If 50 grams of sodium is mixed with 30 grams water, which is in excess?

3. How much NaOH will be made ? ______________ grams

4. How much hydrogen gas will be made? ____________ grams

5. How much hydrogen gas will be made? ____________ liters

6. How much of the reactant which is in excess will be LEFT OVER? _________ g

7. If you had 2.5 grams Na reacting with EXCESS water, how many mole hydrogen gas will be made?

Extra credit – If you made 12 liters of hydrogen gas, how many ATOMS of sodium reacted with excess water? Show work !

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