Thursday, March 25, 2010

chap 15 solutions practice quiz

Need some extra practice on colligative properties and solution chemistry? Here is an old quiz i used a couple years ago. I bet your quiz looks quite similar.

Chemistry QUIZ Solutions name _________________________

1. TRUE or FALSE ---- (circle one) The addition of a solute to a solvent causes freezing point depression.
2. GASES dissolve best in
3. How can you make things dissolve faster? List THREE ways.
4. If the solubility of an unknown substance goes UP as temp goes UP it is most like a ________

5. Substance X has a freezing point depression constant of 5 deg C/molal. It is also a molecule, so it has a DF of 1. If substance X has a NORMAL freezing point of -20C, which of the following statements is true? A) It means that a 5 molal solution will freeze at -25C B) it means that a one molal solution will freeze at -15C C) it means that a 5 molal solution will freeze at -21C D) it means that a 5 molal solution will freeze at -25C E) none of these
6. What is the dissociation factor of regular table salt NaCl ? _____________
7. The capital M we use in our calculations means A) moles per liter of solvent B) moles per kilogram of solvent C) moles per liter of solution D) moles per mL of solution
8. True or False Pop is saturated (or maybe even supersaturated) with CO2 but unsaturated with sugar.
9. What was the approximate temperature of the ice/salt mixture that people put there hand in?
10. Describe how to make a 4M solution of NaOH.

11. What has a higher boiling point a 2m solution of CaCl2 or a 3m solution of NaCl? ______________

12. You have 200mL of an8M solution of NaOH. Calculate how many GRAMS of NaOH are in the solution.

13. Calculate the FREEZING and BOILING point of a solution where you have dissolved 80 grams NaCl in 300 grams of water.

14. Use your book’s solubility chart to calculate how much NH4Cl will
dissolve in 300 grams of water at 50C.

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