Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Practice QUIZ for Chem sept 10, 2014

  1. If Mr. Kalember asks you to play him a game of “26”, what is the FIRST key number? _________



  1.  Convert 120 meters to kilometers.  ______________   and 12mg =  __________ grams                    



  1. How long is top line? _________  middle? ________  bottom ? __________











  1. Convert 86 mm to km and put answer in scientific notation.  _______________________


  1. How many significant figures are in the number 12.0040  _________ and  0.004080 ___________



  1. What else is needed for a fuel to burn besides a fuel and a spark?   __________________


  1. _________ Which statement best describes the conclusion we found when investigating how heart rate is affected by time of exercise?   A)  as you exercise your heart rate increases, decreases, then increases again   B) as your heart rate increases then levels off  you must exercise for a longer time

C)  as you exercise longer you breathe harder   D) as you exercise heart rate increases quickly then levels off



  1. Add the following using significant figures.   122 + 8.8 + 2.18 + 0.0031 = ___________


  1. Multiply the following using significant figures.   66.24 x 1200 x 120.027 = ___________


  1. I measured the length of a bug and got 12.348 mm.  Which number am I “unsure” of? ________


  1.  You are going to conduct an experiment to find out if the pressure inside of a tire is affected by environmental temperature. 

  1.  Which variable will be the INDEPENDENT VARIABLE? ______________
  2. Which variable is the DEPENDENT VARIABLE?  _________________

  1. You have a cylindrical rod with a diameter of 2.22cm and length of 8.4cm.  If the mass of the rod is 52.58 grams, calculate the density in g/cm3.  Show work


D = ____________

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